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Let me answer your question, please. Let me answer your question. Mr Koumjian, when you look at payments of salaries, the salary payments varied. What a private makes, a sergeant doesn't make, a lieutenant doesn't make. And, Mr Koumjian, then what's going to happen to me does. It's impossible for me to sit here and lie to these judges and tell them I remember the monthly amount paid the SSS when I was in office. No.

The only thing I can say with honour is that whatever payment was made out of this account, I authorised it. And I dealt with this official because I knew that she would not steal. We had a parable in Liberia: "You give a man money, he will steal and give it to his girlfriend. You give a woman money, even if she steals it, she will take care of her children." So I trusted this official.

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