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That's what I'm saying, Mr Koumjian. It shows that there two deposits. I don't remember what the other one was. Our dispute here is not that money went in and out. It would be very clear to see - I don't remember, all these years later, the details and you have not provided the account, because what this bank should have done for you was to provide the statement of account. You have not provided the statement of account.

So I'm sorry, your Honours, I can't help, because I don't remember the details. If the statements of account were here, it would be clear to everybody. So we're just spewing out numbers without understanding. I cannot - there are two transactions during this particular period. If this is our account, and I'm trying to say I don't recall because the first transaction that we can talk about, we've seen it in an account statement that you showed the judges on - I don't know how you got your thing here - to show the deposit. But I do not recall the others because you do not have a statement of account here.

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