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Mr Taylor, let's look - so we're also clear on that amount, which is $25 less than 2 million. If you look at tab 8, that was the Citibank record showing the transfer to LBDI from Natura. You'll see that the bank account for LBDI, 360 - it's at the top we have the number of LBDI correspondent account number 36006105, was credited in July 2000 with $1,999,975 and it's noted in the text - under details it says for further credit to account and gives the account number 0020132851-01 and then notes $25 fee deducted. So it says $2 million minus $25.

So, Mr Taylor, I just pointed that out because you asked me to help explain to you what the credit amounts were in the column in the account summaries. Can you explain the credited amount for December '99 of $917,000 and something?

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