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That's the system of the bank. The bank - we did not want it open as a government - I mean as a Government of Liberia. Excuse me, as an account from the Central Bank that would be used in the IMF and the World Bank would know. If you look at, your Honours, the dates, I signed on the 8th. Kadiatu signs a week later. What is the process? There is still - we are discussing who, which official, some people were saying other people, we finally decided that we wanted it very quiet. Kadiatu goes and she signs the signature card and if we want to be fair in this trial which you are administering justice, Mr Koumjian, maybe if the cheques were brought here for the honourable justices to see they would see who signed the cheques, okay. I admit that I signed some cheques but this was an account operated by Kadiatu Diarra and I was fully aware, acquiesced and I take full responsibility because it was what was expected of me as President. Now we may disagree as to maybe as compared to other systems. This is what I was authorised to do. I did it, got through with this operation and your Honours will see that this account closes in 2001.

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