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I would say incorrect. But, I mean, your Honours, we have been dealing with financial statements here, and the way that things are jumping left and right, I understand that I'm supposed to answer the gentleman's question. We are taking one sheet of paper, we flash it this way; we take another sheet and flash it that way. I'm afraid that - I mean the essence of my responses are not coming. We may have to look at this whole financial thing because at issue here, and I think we all will agree, is the fact that I did not tell this Court - I have told the world that I did not have a personal account when I had one. This is the issue.

So we can't just look at it in these - we have to look at the full picture. And the fact of the matter is, I informed this Court on 1 December about the existence of this account. The transcript, 32795 and 796, talked about the existence of these covert accounts that I told this Court on December 1. 32804 also tells this Court about these deposits that are coming from timber company. I'm not hiding anything. I'm not ashamed of anything here. So I want us to look at it. We have an account opened by me, signed by a government official, brought to bear. The monies in question here, the 1 million that you just asked about, Mr Koumjian, goes through the Finance Ministry. Now you're asking me as to whether something violated a ministry. That's the prerogative of the people of Liberia. It's none of anybody's business if I violated a Liberian law but the people of Liberia.

The issue here: Did I lie to this Court? And I did not. It is a government account signed by the government official and your people, Mr Koumjian, spoke to Ms Diarra and she told you people that it was a government account. She told you people back in 2004. You have disclosed some of the information here. It's still hidden from these judges, so what is the whole issue here? This account is a government account. Ms Diarra told you people it was a government account. She told you people how it was operated. You have disclosed some of the information and the rest you haven't as far back as 2004. So now you come and ask me did I violate Liberian law. My answer is none of your business.

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