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Paragraph 12, I'm going to direct your attention to, sir. This document, just to remind you - perhaps Mr Taylor could be shown the first page. It's titled Preliminary Reaction of the Government of Liberia to the Report of the Panel of Experts Appointed Pursuant to UN Security Council resolution 1306-2000", paragraph 19, in relation to Sierra Leone. In paragraph 12, sir, of this document it states:

"It is important to clarify that each logging company operating in Liberia is a signatory to a standardised concession agreement. The concessionaire's obligations are detailed in the agreement and each is required by law to pay all taxes directly into the central government revenue depository maintained by the Ministry of Finance. The statutory agency empowered to assess, receive and collect taxes."

Sir, the $1,999,975 payment that went into this account at LBDI violated this clause because it didn't go to the Central Bank, correct?

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