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This is unfortunately the best copy that I have but it appears to me that the M is cut off the word "month" on the left. So this is - on the left-hand column is a month going from at least the second one December '99, then January, February, March, et cetera up through September 2000 and opening balance is the second column. The minimum balance is given in the third column. This is my interpretation. A maximum balance in the fourth column. Then an amount that had been deducted during the month, debit amount, in the fifth column. Then the amounts of credits that went into the account that month in the next column, credits. Then I believe it says then the number of debits and credits but I have trouble reading - to be honest I can't - it says number of debits and then the number sign of credits and then the final column is the ending balance. So we see, for example, in the month of March 2000 where there was the Taiwan transaction for 3.5 million there appeared to have been only two credits that month but the total credit amount was $6,905,500.

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