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Again this is a - it's labelled Liberian Bank For Development and Investment and it states a few lines down that this statement covers 1 August 2000 through 11 September 2000. It has an account number 20132851-01. My copy at least appears to be cut off but partially the last three letters of your name LOR Charles G, chequing accounts, personal in the box at the top left.

Now, sir, what I'm interested in this account - in this document is to go to the box that's at the bottom of the second page, account summaries. If we look at this, it appears to be a monthly running total of debits and credits to the account. I frankly cannot read or do not understand the very first line. Something - it looks like a 03 to me. But that has a minimum balance minus 110 and no credit amount. But then we look at the next entry, 1999/12, and we see an ending balance of 17,000. If we then go to the month of March where we were just looking at the Taiwan transaction we see 2000/03, we see debits, money taken out of the account, $4,722,370.48. Then we see credits into the account, $6,905,500.

So first, Mr Taylor, while we've already seen that you had a $3.5 million deposit from the embassy of Taiwan in that month, how do you account for the other almost 3.5 million, $3.4 million in deposits received in March 2000?

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