The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Sir, the information on the top of the printout is the same, the page number is 2071. And then in the middle, I direct your attention to a transaction dated 03/30, 2000. March 30, 2000. It gives a reference number, for the record I'll read it: F06009000F8201. Details. Further credit to Charles G Taylor. Account - AC 0020132851-01. There's another reference number - other reference, DC0003300032. And we see the ordering party, embassy of the ROC, Monrovia, Liberia. The amount that that account, 3285101, further credit to Charles G Taylor, the amount that was deposited was $3,500,000. Now, Mr Taylor, tell the judges about this money that you received from the embassy of the ROC, Monrovia?

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