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No, you are trying to - you are trying to mislead this Court as you are speaking, Mr Koumjian. I'm sorry. Let's look at that document. This is a financial document and we ought to take our time and look at it. Let's first go back to your Charles Taylor. The account number, your Honours, 32851 is the same account that we're referring to with the two signatures of myself and Kadiatu Diarra. If you look at the statement of that account, that statement is the statement that covers the period 1 July 2000 through 31 July 2000. Again I'm sure your Honours are following this. If not I could point it out on the stuff.

So if you look back at what Mr Koumjian is talking about, this 1 million 999 is the same document that he showed behind divider number 4 that shows the 1,999,000 deposited under what I say the government of - I mean of Liberia. So this is the same period that is being reflected here. There's not a separate amount. This is the amount from Natura and if we look at behind exhibit 4, Natura there states that this is a GOL deposit. That's what he is reflecting on this page. I don't know if we agree.

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