The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

And let's look, so we understand it, again this is the document that shows that this is an account in the name of Taylor, Charles G, US dollar chequing accounts, personal. It then lists various dates in July 2000 and has transactions record of debits and credits. Now we see a credit in what appears next to the number 12 down, I believe, seven lines. I'll read exactly what I read from that line: 18 and then the next column 20856. The next column the letters RAD as in David, then INO, then CGT initials with periods after each, B/O Natura HOL. There we see in the credit column 1,999,975. Sir, this was a deposit from Guus Kouwenhoven into this account in your name at the Liberian Bank For Development and Investment, correct?

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