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Very, very clear. I've explained this and I'm sure these financial records will be understood. Mr Koumjian, this account is opened by the President on authorisation and countersigned - Kadiatu Diarra is not my wife. She is not my lover. She works for the Government of Liberia. The only reason why she is signing and is capable of signing, that's what that form said, anyone that is capable of signing that, because she's acting on behalf of her government under instructions. That's the only reason why she is on this account. So the fact that it says here - this, your Honour, is a covert account opened up by the Government of Liberia during this period, and I've gone through this and you will get to see where the Government of Liberia is finding means, okay, to purchase arms and ammunition to fight our war after we have informed the United Nations. And so there's a government official - it has to be opened in my name as President Charles Taylor, but it is operated by a government official for the purpose intended as a covert account. That's why those two accounts. So the fact that it says here United States dollars or chequing, the documents will show monies going into that account as Government of Liberia - is shown as Government of Liberia and there's another official that has a single signature that can operate this account. That is not my wife, that is not my lover or anything but an employee of the Government of Liberia. That's why it is covert. That's why it states this way.

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