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Yes. It's very important, your Honours, these are financial documents that will take our time because what the Prosecution seeks to impeach is the fact that I said I had no personal account and I had no personal account. If you look behind divider 2 in that bundle that he gave, that he has exhibited and marked, you will see there, your Honours, that Kadiatu Diarra and Charles Taylor have the same bank account. This account, if you look at the first - at the top of the page where Kadiatu Diarra signs, the account number is the same, 201-32851-01. If you look at the bottom of that page, you will see my signature on a signature card that gives - that is signed on December 8. It's the same account number 201-32851-01.

Now, what does that tell us? This account is a Government of Liberia account. I am a signatory to that account. Kadiatu is a signatory. If your Honours look at the top of that page, as you come below Kadiatu Diarra's name, you will see number, combinations of signatures required. I'm not sure if I can - if I can better go on this thing.

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