The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

Sir, you were asked by your counsel and this is I believe five lines up from the bottom:

"Q. You left office which year?

A. No, no, '93. I'm talking - this thing got me so upset

- 2003, excuse me. Two years before I left office I was

accused of amassing billions so I put that back to 2001,

2002. Until today, recently as - as recent as a few months

back I heard the Chief Prosecutor of the Sierra Leone Court

talking about millions and billions. No one - no human

being from 2001 until now has ever come up and said, 'Here

is a bank account with a million dollars belonging to

Mr Taylor.' It is just hanging out there. That's all you


Before I ask you any further questions, I want to refer to you two other passages. The second is from 20 July, page 24837. I'm going to begin on line 18 when it's ready.

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