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Before the Trial Chamber are two applications by the Defence. Firstly, the Defence seeks an adjournment until the new year in relation to the material served on it by the Prosecution which the Prosecution intends to use in cross-examination of the accused. The Defence points out that up to 3.30 p.m. last Friday, a total of 165 documents were served on them. We note also, the Prosecution advised today, that there are a substantial number of documents still to be served. Furthermore, the Trial Chamber has seen in Court the lever arch files containing the documents already served on the Defence and they are indeed voluminous.

Secondly, the Defence applies for an order that all the material served on the Defence by the Prosecution be also provided to the Bench so that judicial supervision can be applied in deciding which documents fall into category 1 and which documents fall into category 2 of the Trial Chamber's decision dated 30 November 2009.

At the outset, the Trial Chamber wishes to state that it is surprised to hear the Prosecution today is still misunderstanding the Trial Chamber's order of 30 November 2009. The disclosure obligation of category 2 documents is based on the content - I emphasise that word content - of the documents and not, as the Prosecution seems to think, the intended purpose for which the Prosecution wishes to use the documents.

Neither of the Defence applications is opposed by the Prosecution.

Moreover, in view of the volume of documents served on the Defence, the Trial Chamber considers that the Defence's first application for an adjournment until the new year is reasonable and is granted accordingly, that is, upon completion of today's proceedings.

As regards the Defence's second application, the Trial Chamber orders as follows: (1) that the Prosecution provide the Trial Chamber with all material referred to earlier which has been or will be served on the Defence; (2) in order to render the volume of material manageable and to save time that the Prosecution indicate both to the Bench and to the Defence on each document, firstly, which passage or passages will be used to impeach the credibility of the accused and, secondly, which passage or passages will be used to prove the guilt of the accused; (3) in light of order 2 and also in light of the volume of material that we have seen in Court today and the material yet to be served, we extend the time limit for disclosure of these documents to close of business Friday, 11 December.

Now we will proceed with the matter concerning the bank statements. I think that's your matter, Mr Koumjian.

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