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It really comes down to two things, Mr President: Firstly, the adjournment until the new year; secondly, that your Honours be provided with all the material we have been given so that your Honours can properly consider the documents and decide, firstly, which category they fall into; and secondly, if it is the second category, what use can be made of it.

It may be premature at this stage to be considering issues of admissibility, but I note that in the second part of your Honours' decision, use and admissibility is made and/or, and so it seems that the initial question is can the documents be used bearing in mind, firstly, the interest of justice and, secondly, whether or not such use would violate the fair trial rights of the accused?

So we submit that your Honours should be in a position to make that decision in the round to avoid the kind of hiccups we had last week where a document is presented, then there is a hiatus whilst we consider issues surrounding it, and in our submission, it's unfair to the accused for his cross-examination to be proceeding in that way. Better if we come back, in our submission, in January, knowing precisely what documents the Prosecution can use and for what purpose. In our submission, that would aid both sides and the smooth running of the case. That's application number one.

The second application is merely the application for the adjournment.

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