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Well, on my visit to Taiwan, I visited Taiwan, they assisted with tickets. We took regular commercial plane, they paid for the tickets. And of when you talk about assistance now, counsel, just so we don't get hit again, most of these trips that are taken to these countries - for example like when I visited Togo and other places - you don't pay. Just like if Presidents came to visit me. You don't pay for your lodging, okay. So to that extent you can call that a form of assistance, okay. But to say financial, no. Presidents came to visit me; they didn't have to pay. So when you travel you don't pay when you live in other presidential guesthouses or hotels the government of the day picks up that bill. So to that extent I don't want to be told later on, "Well, you said you got no assistance but you live in a hotel." But it's a normal practice that the host will cover the bill. To that extent I can say I got assistance.

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