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Now, this decision takes into account this: That it's up to the Prosecution to disclose all such documents that are probative of the guilt of the accused. Now, quite obviously, whether a document falls into that category or not, if the Prosecution is going to use a document in cross-examination, you well know, Mr Griffiths, that you have a right to inspect that document and if you see that, all right, it may be impeaching the credit of the accused but at the same time the document contains material that's probative or potentially probative of the guilt of the accused, you're going to object and we are going to say, well, that document has obviously not - the Prosecution has obviously not complied with our order in relation to that document, and we'll make appropriate orders. So nothing is going to slip through the net. You're going to see everything that goes before the Court. In the meantime, we don't have the document, so we're relying on the Prosecution to follow the order we've made.

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