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Well, I mean they developed an interest in me. At that particular time it was very clear that an election was coming up and at that time Taiwan had a diplomatic relationship with Liberia, and so there was this concern that after the elections in Liberia that the mainland Chinese might pose a threat to that particular aspect of Taiwanese foreign policy. And so they spotted people, and I don't know who else they assisted, but I would say as a PR, to keep them in mind, they assisted me personally. And I can remember them telling me they could not assist my party because it would be in violation of Taiwanese law, but they would give me personally money. How I used it is my business. But I think it was just - I call it a form of PR because I think they were concerned that that diplomatic relationship would continue if I were elected and I do not rule out they probably helped some other candidates. I don't rule that out. I don't know as a fact, but I don't rule it out.

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