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I know that. I'm saying - I know you're looking for a percentage. I'm not sure. I don't - it could have been, I don't know, three to one, four to one. I don't know, Ms Hollis. Because even - I don't know, because we were not in the Monrovia area. I really don't know. The best I can say is that people started avoiding their money. I don't know the exchange rate, because they were trying their best to prevent their money from coming on our side, and any of our monies that - the old Liberian money that went into the area that business people were still taking, they were trying to stop it and seize it in Monrovia. Say, for example, if they got about 100,000 let's say the old money, they would take it - in fact, they burned them and replaced that 100,000 with their printed money. So it's a very technical - but I don't know the actual rates of exchange, no. In your answer to your question, no.

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