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Ms Hollis, look, you are a military person. I did not - we say arms here. And, you know, but I can't let you get away with this because, you know, and these judges have to be, and I know they are fair about this, you know, when we use - in speaking in the international arena about armaments or when we talk about the arms control talk, what are we talking about? Are we talking about guns? Arms control, the word as it's used in its pure - when we talk about arms, it's a grouping of a variety of - look, we can - if you want to get specific, then I have to explain when we talk about - when I'm talking about the NPFL bought arms, I'm speaking about it in the general sense. Just like you talk about the arms control talk, are you talking about one gun or two guns? We're talking about a series of weapons come under the nomenclature of arms. So, of course, I'm talking about the weaponry, that's what I'm speaking about here in this report.

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