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The war. The war. Some people were afraid, and some of them left. Some of them, their governments asked them to leave in spite of the fact that there were assurances. But, you know, some of the governments had asked them to leave, that they would no longer be responsible for their activities if they remained in the country, so some of them fled. Even though I don't think there was any real threat to them, because this is one of the sad things that happened. For example, ex patriots remained in NPFL area mostly through the war, and this is what - the very sad situation that you described sometime back about these nuns in Monrovia. It's a very sad situation. But ex patriots stayed there, but some countries were more rigid than others regarding their understanding of the problem. So you would call your ambassador and tell your ambassador, "Look, I'm safe." He said, "No, we have instructions that you should leave," and some of them left.

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