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As we move along, people gave the houses, depending on how you entered a town, a village. The commanders and most of the soldiers didn't move into houses. We did not take people's houses. The soldiers were busy on duty. They were trained to be out there. Those people that wanted to donate houses to stay. There is a system that was used in Liberia in our case and I am sure any African listening to this will whatchamacallit. When you get to a village or town and you go to the town chief and you tell the town chief that you are a stranger and you need help, you need a place to stay, the town chief will gather his people and they will find a place for you. They would find a place for you, they will find food for you, everything. I mean, you are there for a day or two, you don't have to do a thing. Once you get to the chief and explain your problem to the chief, he will call his people and they will solve your problem.

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