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You are in your county, you live with family and friends. We are a little different. We are fighting - most of the boys, I would say 60, 70 per cent, were from Nimba. It's a little different on that side, counsel. People don't charge people like that. We are not - we are different in our part of the world. Lodging? Not every time, like even the other day, while asking in fact about the Honourable Justice Sebutinde was concerned about the $4 an acre for land, we get land free. I had free land - also free land in Liberia. It's a little different. The people don't always charge you when you come to spend the night or you've got to pay for everything. The extended family approach in West Africa and most of Africa is the strength of the African, the extended family. If a friend comes and you speak the same language, you are considered a brother right away. You can probably stay there for a week or two and don't have to pay for food or nothing. So it didn't cost any money, counsel.

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