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No, not really. Here and there people would chip in. I mean, we were all struggling at the time and nobody had - you know, raising money, that's really western. People helped at that time. Your friend needed a few dollars maybe to take a bus, you help him. But that's not - I wouldn't call that really raising money. No one had the money at the time. There was a friend down there whenever he could help, the son-in-law of the late President Tolbert, who - he didn't - you know, who from time to time helped, but not in terms of the type of thing - when you say raising money, Mr King - Tonia King, I think that's T-O-N-Y - T-O-N-I-A. It's probably in the records. But I mean, he would help from time to time, but not that type of raising money you are talking about, no. Other than him, no.

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