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Well, we were able to try to centralise, yes. We did not succeed in every way, but to a great extent I would give it a percentage of about maybe 50 per cent - 50, 60 per cent we were able to centralise. Well, let me clarify this. The percentages, I can say would vary, counsel. On the smaller items, like stationery, office supplies, we were able to centralise it maybe to about 70, 80 per cent. As we move up the chain of bigger items, it was even more difficult. But bigger items I mean heavy equipment for the government like bulldozers, Caterpillar, big machines. Some of those we were not able to centralise. Some areas of vehicles we were able to do some, and some we were not able. So the percentages would vary, depending on the items. Some items we had larger control, some items we had very minor control, if you understand what I mean. I don't know if I made myself clear.

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