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Mr President, we oppose this application. We oppose the application for this reason: Whereas we are anxious to receive the material which your Honours has now decided should properly be disclosed to the Defence, we do note that our case closed, what, some three weeks ago and this Prosecution began almost seven years ago. It seems to us, bluntly, quite outrageous that three weeks into the cross-examination - well, four weeks into the cross-examination of this man, who has been in custody for over four years, that the Prosecution are still seeking time to put their case in order. In our view, that is totally unacceptable and the Prosecution should be required today to proceed.

Now I have heard it said in the past that we made application in August 2007 for time in which to put the Defence case together, as if there is some justifiable parallel between the two situations. When we came on board in the summer of 2007, we came on board as a fresh team. This Prosecution have had charge of this prosecution now for over six years and it seems totally misplaced for my learned friend to be asking for more time this morning. We are not talking about a Prosecution team composed of one or two individuals. We are talking about a Prosecution team composed of a large number of individuals and they have been seized of the particular matters in issue for some three weeks now.

And if, as my learned friend indicates, there are other matters which she had prepared to cross-examine the defendant on today, it seems to us that such cross-examination should continue whilst other members of the team properly seek to provide us with the material which frankly should have been provided to us as part of the Prosecution case, we say. So consequently we vehemently oppose this application.

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