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May it please the Trial Chamber: Your Honours, at approximately 7.50 this morning I received a phone call from Mr Anders Backman, the Chief Custody Officer of the International Criminal Court Detention Unit, and he informed me that Mr Taylor is well and had decided not to come to court this morning because he was upset about an inspection that took place on Monday, 25 January - that's this Monday - of the cell, not the one in which Mr Taylor sleeps, but the one in which he keeps his papers and his personal effects. Mr Taylor became aware of that, shall I say, informal inspection yesterday, Tuesday the 26th, and has opted not to come to court today.

I don't have any information about what Mr Anyah represented as an apparent tampering, but I understand that Mr Backman entered that cell, the one in which Mr Taylor keeps his personal effects and papers, on the 25th in order to assess the volume of personal effects, and he did that for various detainees who have a growing amount of personal effects, and they are interested in securing additional storage for that, and that was the purpose of that entry.

That's the information I have, your Honours, as of now. In terms of his being able to come to court, should he choose so at a later point this morning, I understand that that is a possibility; we would just need to inform the Dutch Transport Police, the DV&O. That's all I can inform you of at this time, your Honours.

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