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Thank you. Before we begin the day's proceedings, I thought I would remind the parties of the new sitting schedule that starts next Monday. The Registrar informs me that the parties are well aware of this new schedule. There is a recent one - or the most recent one I think was issued last week on Tuesday or Wednesday. I hope you appraise yourself of the new sitting hours; that is, we shall start the proceedings of the day - or of a day at 15 hours in the afternoon - that's 3 o'clock in the afternoon - and work right through to 7.30 every day.

As you know, this is necessitated by the fact that the ICC has, for the first time, two trials of its own running simultaneously on top of ours, and we need to share the two courtrooms that they have between the three trials. So I am just calling on all the parties to do your best to adjust to the new schedule. It will need a lot of adjustment from everybody, but it can't be helped. That's the way things are.

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