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Two matters. First of all, just regarding this decision that was made and this is purely dicta because the Defence has indicated the witness wants no protection as far as pseudonym during his testimony. But as I read the Defence application, it clearly said that the measures sought were pre-testimonial. We can deal with that when it is in dispute. Obviously with the current witness there is no dispute, but I just want to put everyone on notice of that for future purposes.

Secondly, the witness's name was disclosed to the Prosecution 19 days ago - 19 days before the witness testified in violation of the Court's order that the witness's name would be disclosed 21 days. At this time we do not have any motion, but we don't know what the witness is going to say, but we reserve our right, and want to put the Defence on notice, that we may be asking for more time to cross-examine this witness given that the Court's order to disclose the name within 21 days was not complied with.

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