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No. They moved me on the Committee of Five on the Sierra Leonean crisis simply because they felt that my experience and expertise in dealing with revolutionary activities, in dealing with guerilla warfare and having managed the NPFL, the largest fighting force in Liberia, and finally negotiating peace, because peace would have never come in Liberia in 1996 and elections unless the NPFL was on board - that's why they brought me on and they brought me on even on the Ivorian crisis. I was invited to Lome. It's a separate crisis. And I was invited to France by the French government to deal with the question in la Cote d'Ivoire. I also dealt with the question in Guinea Bissau.

So I do not know what kind of bunch of stupid fools my colleagues are in West Africa that this criminal Charles Taylor, they kept on calling him. They must have been a bunch of stupid fools and I state to this Court they were not and are not.

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