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Exactly what I said before. I disagree. That's total - that's basic to what the Prosecution - well, let's take him out and shoot him, or do whatever else. This is just total nonsense and in order to make their case that they have not been able in my opinion to prove, they can call me any name, it doesn't make it right. And the facts before this Court, the judges in their decision will determine as to whether this is true. This is all the same - the same fireworks. He's got billions of dollars. We've been in this Court here now, been sitting in this chair here for almost seven months. Where are the billions? This is all - I disagree with them. But I think it's a part of their job to say these kinds of things to try to make me look bad. This is not true. Most of my colleagues still have a lot of respect for me and that is very clear. So I disagree with them.

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