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Well, if you look at it in a very logical way, most decisions have to be pragmatic anyway. But it was purely, purely based on the moral decision that I had taken that I would step down and leave. Because, to be very blunt, the type of war we were fighting in Liberia, I could have still been there today fighting. These are not wars that - even the United States with its overwhelming force sitting on the ocean would not have fought in the forests and the bushes of Liberia. So for that, just - it was never just based on the pragmatism or we would be outgunned. No. It was the moral decision that I made. I fought through the bushes from Buutuo to Monrovia. And, trust me, there's sufficient fight that was left in me that if it was not for my moral strength to say, "I'm going to save my people," probably I would still be fighting today. It had nothing to do with being outgunned, because the Americans were not expected and would not have gone into the forests of Liberia to fight me in every piece of bush. Never. And we knew that. It was purely on the moral basis.

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