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There was a massive ambush there. The ambush was very terrible. About up to 100 vehicles fell into that ambush. Most of those vehicles were burnt down. These vehicles had come from Freetown heading for Bo. They were escorted by a military convoy and they fell into our ambush. After the ambush, what the RUF had to take they took. We left the vehicles. Some people used to come to loot those properties, so when they came they will loot and burn some property and they will say it was the RUF because we had set the ambush. They would loot and some of the few things in there they would take away. Most of the things that we used we had to carry on our heads, so we left the vehicles there. That was why they called that place Foday Sankoh Garage because if you go there now there are a series of scrap vehicles there because of that ambush. Yes, my Lord.

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