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Yes. Yes. We captured a helicopter gunship live. This helicopter gunship, it flew and stopped close to our base to attack us, but we were able to withstand the attack. It was unable to enter our base. As we were chasing them, the pilot who was piloting the helicopter was scared because of the firing power. He was unable to go into the helicopter, so they abandoned it. We captured that helicopter live. It was with us for two days.

From there they called me for me to come and inspect the weapons, but I found out that all the weapons that it was using was electronics. Even if we took them out, we wouldn't be able to use them. It cannot be used manually. The GPMG was electronic. The one barrel was electronic. All the weapons that it used was electronics, so we left it and we set it on fire and burnt it down. Later on they brought a helicopter and it was airlifted. They took it along. That's all.

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