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After the Feredugu attack, everybody retreated to the Malal Hill. From there Gibril Massaquoi organised another group to set an ambush from Makeni to Lunsar. That was where the ambush was set. It was Tom Nyuma who fell into this ambush. Tom Nyuma was very fortunate on that day because he would have been captured alive by the RUF, but he was blessed, so he escaped. In that same 1995 we were able to capture some materials from that ambush, but his personal vehicle he was able to escape with. But some men - and the other vehicles fell into the ambush. One vehicle suffered in the ambush. We had GMG and all the ammunition for a GMG that was in that vehicle, together with AK-47 and its ammunition. They were in the single vehicle that we captured, but he was able to escape in 1995.

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