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Sir, let's look at yesterday's transcript, please, for a moment, page 37137. I would like you to explain one of your answers. If you recall, sir, yesterday afternoon, this is just before 4 o'clock, if you go to the top of the page, please, I was asking you - you were talking about the incident of the diamond that was brought to Sankoh and Sankoh leaving and you explained that the diamond was left in a briefcase. And you added this comment, which I would like you to expand upon, and that was at line 10. You said this, sir:

"We knew there are lots of diamond in Sierra Leone. The day power is in our hands, the diamonds are in our hands."

Sir, when you said that, were you expressing the fact that in Sierra Leone diamonds and power are interrelated? Those who control the diamond will get power; those who are power will control the diamonds.

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