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Well, I am grateful, first of all, to my learned friend for clarifying - and I think it needs to be clarified in public - that there is no suggestion that this person works for Mr Taylor's legal Defence team. None whatsoever.

But, secondly, I think my learned friend has to be careful to put questions rather than attempt himself to give evidence, and the way in which that was first put to the witness came close to Mr Koumjian giving evidence about Mr Swarray.

I don't need to say any more - except one thing, your Honour. You did say - you asked for clarification whether Jackson Swarray was working for the Defence team, obviously referring to ourselves, or this other organisation in Liberia. It doesn't follow that there is only two groups, if you like, that anyone might align themselves with in order to give support to Mr Taylor's defence. It could be a much wider basis than that, including on an individual basis he could be purporting to be doing this.

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