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Thank you, Mr Anyah, for your submissions. Now, as you know, normally issues that pertain to the detention of the accused or accused persons in the ICC detention centre fall under the purview of the Registrar of the Special Court and the Registrar of the ICC. Any complaints or concerns from the parties, especially from the Defence, regarding the conditions of detention, and in this case transportation of Mr Taylor, should and must be addressed to the Registrar.

However, in this case I note that the absence of course of Mr Taylor or his coming late to court has a direct impact on the proceedings in the court. For that matter and that matter alone, I am going to direct that the Registrar of the Special Court once again look into this issue of the transportation of the accused and find ways and means of this problem not occurring again, and not interrupting the proceedings, and to address this issue as a matter of urgency.

Now, having said that, I do take note of your submissions, Mr Anyah, that you have Mr Taylor's permission to proceed in his absence and, hoping that he will come at some stage of the trial, we will proceed in his absence pursuant to Rule 60(B) of the Rules of Procedure and Evidence.

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