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There was no definite reason. It may have been a coincidence. We were introduced to Mr Ludo Martens by Mr Monguya, who I think happened to be - sorry, who happened to be the President of a party in Congo they called MARC, Movement for the Resurrection of Congo, MARC. Mouvement d'Action pour la Resurrection du Congo, MARC. I think it is friendship between MARC and PTB that motivated Mr Monguya to introduce us to Mr Ludo Martens. And Mr Ludo Martens never introduced us to any other party; he just said I will introduce you people to some leading politicians here in Belgium. He even made arrangements for me to meet the Foreign Minister, whose name I don't remember again. He made arrangements for Mr Sankoh to come over here to deliver a speech to the European Parliament. By then Ireland was provided presidency. But we were not seeking any communist link with PT at all.

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