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Yes, when we spoke to Mr Essy Amara, that very day Mr Amara told him, he said yes, I know them by their voices. I have spoken to them; I have heard them. I will tell their wives. I will give them the message that I have spoken with their husbands, but this is not going to be enough for the international community. The international community is bigger than me, so what you will need to do, I beg you, allow them to talk to the media. So they tried to get the BBC, but they were not able. That day we were also blessed that I had the BBC Focus on Africa in my head, so I told them if you find it difficult, then give me the phone, let me try. They gave me the phone. I dialled the BBC Focus on Africa number, and the people came on. Josephine Hazeley was invited to interview me, but she no, let me don't do it. Because if I do it - I was held from the background. If I do it, people are going to say that I am lying. The whole place was shaky. So they sent Tom Porteous. They said, Tom, you come and talk to this man. Fayia is on the line. Tom Porteous came and interviewed me. That was the day he asked me where I was. I told him I was in a goat pen. I was not actually in a goat pen, but it was Mosquito who told me to say that. He wanted to portray himself as a great hero. He told me to say that I was in a goat pen, but I was seated right outside. He said, Tell them that you are in a goat pen. I said okay. Then I said, "I am in a goat pen." So that was how the international community was able to know that we were alive. But even there were some people later on told us that they did not believe that we were actually up - that was my voice.

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