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Yes, and I asked you the question for this reason: On 11 June 2008, Prosecution witness TFI-539 - this is at page 11523, transcript of 11 June 2008. Now, that witness told these judges this, line 14:

"Q. Thank you. Mr Witness, when you got to Buedu now

please tell us what happened when you arrived?

A. Just as we arrived in Buedu and we alighted the vehicle

it was at that time that General Sam Bockarie called on one

of the SLAs who was Colonel Junior Marvin, he called him

immediately and ordered him to take me to the provost

master and that was Colonel Kaisuku and he said he should

hand him over to him immediately and he carried out the

order. He took me to the provost marshal at the MP and

when I got there the provost marshal said they should put

me in the dungeon. When I say dungeon, I mean a hole that

was dug. It was underground and it had a zinc cover on top

of it, and it was in there that I was placed. But I met

people in there: I met Fayia Musa in there; I met Dr

Jalloh; I met Palmer; and I met a lady whom they said was

Foday Sankoh's wife. I met them in the hole. I was crying

then. One amongst the people who were in the hole, Palmer,

advised me, saying that 'Oh, my friend, don't start crying

here. In here people don't cry. You are better off

because you are just coming in here. I have been here for

years. So all I will advise you is for you to shut up and

then patient, you wait and see what is going to happen.'

But I was refused. I was there for four days."

Did anything like that happen?

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