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No, no, no. I only remember in Buedu where we were there was there was a dungeon there, the very police station - the very MP office where we were held, there was a dungeon there. But I remember only two people were put there - not from our group at all - one vanguard. A vanguard was put there by the name of Georgie. A Liberian vanguard was put there for up to three months, and another fellow they called Mohamed Kamara. Mohamed Kamara was accused of having gone to Liberia. He was accused of having gone to Liberia at the borders where they said they met him there drunk and talking - talking everything, whatever came to his mind. Mohamed Kamara was their mechanic. So when Mosquito - no, that one was Issa. He was invited back to Buedu. He was placed in the dungeon there for about two days - just two days - when he was taken out and beaten to death. He left his wife and two children behind.

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