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Yes. I would like to make the foundation first. When the AFRC took over and invited the RUF, when Mosquito was going to join them, he passed through Daru and told all the civilians who were there, he said, "The war is over, so you can go back home. You can go back home, the war is over. The peace we were fighting for has come." Those people, those civilians, both old and young, all of them came back to their villages in Kailahun.

So when he, Mosquito, and others were driven from Freetown, as soon as he arrived, he gave instructions for all those old people, all those civilians who came from Daru to be arrested and brought to Kailahun. About 69 of them were arrested, including some SLA soldiers. I specifically remember the name of one gentleman they used to call Kaioko [phon]. He was the SLA soldier, the Sierra Leone solider that I knew that was arrested with that group. One day --

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