The transcripts of the trial of Charles Taylor, former President of Liberia. More…

"The administration of the entire district had broken down for nearly seven years now. The road condition is deplorable, which is why the war started in that district. It was one of the most neglected districts from independence to the present day. The politicians sucked the district dry year in year out for the past 37 years, thus breeding a fertile ground for a revolution. We were considered Sierra Leoneans when it was time to harvest our produce during the dry season. We are cut off from the rest of our country during the rainy seasons. At such times we looked up to Liberia and sometimes Guinea for our basic requirements. We could not even speak the Krio of Sierra Leone. Instead we speak the Liberian English. This is part of the reasons why we are mistaken sometimes for Liberians. These and many more reasons why we are so headstrong in putting down arms."

Would you agree with that assessment?

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