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"... Chief Tamba Boima, Alpha Jalloh and Charles Kamara were part of a government delegation headed by the Under-Secretary of State (Internal Affairs) to deliver a special message from His Excellency to assess and suggest ways and means of rehabilitation of government departments and especially the institution of chiefs in the district."

Can we go to the second page of that document, please. Last paragraph:

"We were made to understand at this meeting also that they were on a special assignment to see whether our prisoners, Captain Philip Palmer and others, were still alive and if so, the radio and TV crew were to be granted permission to film and interview them."

Can we now go, please, to the fourth page of the document, penultimate paragraph:

"Paramount Chief Tamba Jusu Gamawa is the Paramount Chief of Kissi Teng Chiefdom. He was captured by our fighting forces since 1991 and had stayed with us ever since. He would have loved to meet him in Kangama, but he was visibly absent from the town. We later discovered that he was in fact playing host to our prisoners. Since he was away in his farm harvesting his rice, the authorities order that the prisoners be brought before the TV and radio crew for an interview and filming. The following people: Captain Philip Palmer, Fayia Musa, Ibrahim Deen-Jalloh, Dr Mohamed Barrie, and a radio operator, Ms Juliet Gbessay James, were paraded before the cameras and journalists, who started work immediately."

Is this the delegation you're talking about, Mr Fayia?

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