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In the first place, the particular location was used for the secret Bundu society where they used to perform the female genital mutilation for that community. That was the type of bush we were taken in. The place was fenced all over. Then inside the fence they built a kind of structure, a hut just like a goat pen, and then they put in there - the only difference was there they prepared something like an observation post inside the house, which was thatch roofed, and they put - they put how they wanted to call bed, just grass - just grass from the swamp. Bare grass. No mat, nothing. Sometimes dry palm leaves were put there. So they dug toilet for us just behind it, small toilet. Then the door was made of strong wood, and they brought a padlock and put it there. They did not allow us to leave at all at any time until - each day until there was food. When they brought our food, then they opened the door, we get out, and they give us the food. For the first three months we were on that and --

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