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That particular day we were not beaten. We were just tied. That particular day. Then another day when there was an alleged coup plot in Freetown in which Gibril Massaquoi was allegedly associated, Gibril Massaquoi was arrested. And when he was released from prison, that was aired by the BBC. As soon as Mosquito heard that one - Mosquito and Issa, as soon as they heard that one, they gave instructions to their boys to go collect us from the prison cells to come for flogging.

When we came, they said, "Go bring all the prisoners." So when they brought all of us, they said, "All political prisoners on one side, then all other prisoners on the other." So we did not know that it was an arrangement to have us beaten. So we - they said we were the ones they were referring to, so we went on one side.

Then Mosquito said, "Today, we have now seen your group. Gibril Massaquoi is one of you. If he were not one of you, you are not going to be released as easily as he has been, so you are going to bear punishment for that here, just because Gibril Massaquoi has been released. So we are going to beat you people 150 each, especially you, Fayia, and Palmer. We give you 150 each."

When they were beating us - because they will give you 50 lashes. Then you get up, you rest a bit, they give you another 50. When they were beating us, one of the pets - Mosquito had a pet called Maxwell Khobe. You know the animals here - the pets here; they had a baboon, he had a dog, he had another animal. He named them after the leaders in Sierra Leone. The baboon was called Maxwell Khobe, Mosquito's pet baboon. It was that baboon which - he was so emotional that day. The baboon went and took the stick with which they were beating Palmer from the young men, and he sat right on top of Palmer - because Palmer was lying down on the ground - he sat on top of Palmer so that nobody would beat Palmer. So when all of them saw that one, then that was when the grace of God came on us and they decided to stop. But we had received the 150. They only wanted to give us more. Because any time - by that day, they were smoking and drinking that very moment. So it was a moment of real heartlessness. Then after that in Kangama, by then Johnny Paul also had come there. One day they went to Kangama and met us. They went to Johnny Paul. They asked him to give them instructions to kill us, according to what Johnny Paul told us later when they left. He said they went and told him - Mosquito told him to give him instructions to kill us, but Johnny Paul said no, I cannot do that because these people are your own people. We have just organised a coalition with you. I cannot give you any instruction to have them killed, because I don't know what is going to happen tomorrow. All of us are waiting for Foday Sankoh to come. So when Johnny Paul refused to give them that instruction, they went to us. They took us out of the cells and organised another beating spree for us. In the court barri they would tell you to go grip the pillar - the pillar of the barri. Then one - this time they told one SLA young man - this time it was not RUF - it was one SLA woman - sorry, man. An SLA soldier was told to give us the beating with a military belt that has that iron at the buckle. They flogged us until your clothes would get wet with blood. When your clothes get completely wet with blood, then they would tell the young man to stop. Then they come and loose you, tell you to go sit down. That was what they did with myself, Mr Deen-Jalloh and Palmer that day, the three of us.

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