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Following that beating, there was a day when President Kabbah called Mosquito and - I think I have said that one here, but I have to say it again, when President Kabbah called Mosquito and told him - and begged him to have us released, he said because we are all citizens of the country and that we are needed by all of them. So Mosquito interpreted that one as a confirmation of what Foday Sankoh had told him concerning the $100,000 and the connivance with the UN and the Kabbah government to have him arrested and overthrown.

So he came over to us and asked us to tell him how much Foday Sankoh - sorry, how much President Kabbah had given us, he said because there is no way President Kabbah would have called him to beg him on our behalf if we did not have any arrangements with him, monetary arrangements with him. I told him, if death had come at that time for me, me personally, I said I am prepared to receive it. But I cannot say that - I cannot say what is untrue, because Kabbah did not give me any money. I even told him we did not do this thing to glorify him. I said we did this thing to - as a sign of adherence to our own principles. I said, so we did not receive anything. That was the time he gave instructions to his boys to tie us.

I was tied. Captain Palmer was tied and Mr Deen-Jalloh. Captain Palmer's hand went numb for two months. We were feeding him. He would not feed himself by himself. We were feeding him for two months because the rope did not pierce his skin, so the were nerves that were affected.

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