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I said to Mosquito exactly - I said, "Mosquito, this is the best time for you to appear as the prince of peace for Sierra Leone." I told him to look at Abubakar in Nigeria. I said, "What Abubakar did is so impressive that today he's enjoying the confidence, the respect of the international community. You see, wherever there is an election in Africa here, he is sent there to represent the Commonwealth and even the UN a lot of the times." I said, "It will be better - this is the best time for you. You have to understand that the fighting, the fighting aspect of the - the gun fighting aspect of this conflict should be over by now. So as I beg you as a younger brother, I want you to - we are coming to talk to you, but I want you to prepare yourselves to take over the leadership of this organisation so that you will be able to bring the peace process back on track." I said, "Because if people like Abacha can have Foday Sankoh arrested, it is difficult for anyone to imagine that he will be released any time before something more concrete is done in terms of bringing peace back to Sierra Leone."

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